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Our Courses

Embark on a culinary adventure in our SkillsFuture credits-eligible courses that equip you with the necessary skills to create masterpieces in the kitchen.

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Dim Sum

Explore the world of Dim Sum and learn the techniques of making your very own homemade dumplings.

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Japanese Noodles

Experience the flavors of Japan by learning to cook famous Japanese dishes that bring people together.

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Thai Cuisine

Discover the tantalizing world of Thai cuisine, one of the most exciting, flavorful and exotic cuisine and prepare your favourite recipes at home.

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Korean Delights

Discover the rich and flavourful world of Korean cuisine! Learn to create popular dishes seen in your favourite Korean drama!

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Bentos are a great way to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary through the art of food presentation. 


Hawker Delights

Did you know that Singapore's Hawker Culture has obtained UNESCO status? Learn the secrets of creating popular hawker dishes


Peranakan Delights

Discover the vibrant flavors & rich heritage of Peranakan cuisine in our immersive workshop. Learn traditional recipes & cooking techniques.

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Food Safety (Level 1)

Looking to enter the F&B industry? Not so fast! Learn about the practices used to ensure the cleanliness & safety of preparing food

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