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New Go-To Spots for Affordable Japanese Food

Who doesn't adore Japanese cuisine? But let's face it, dining at Japanese restaurants can be a bit heavy on the wallet. No worries, we've got some awesome suggestions to get your Japanese food fix without breaking the bank!


Katsu-an Katsu Don Suntec City

Photograph: EatBook SG

Singapore's food scene has been buzzing with the arrival of some top-notch Japanese restaurants, and the newest Katsu-an has arrived straight from Japan. This chain, with over 50 outlets across Japan, is all about serving quality without burning a hole in your pocket. Their menu has a fantastic line-up of rice bowls an a la carte dishes so there's something for everyone.

They don't skimp on portion sizes either- their bowls come in three sizes (M, L or XL). Their signature dish, the Katsu Don (from $5.90), features a carefully breaded loin katsu that guarantees a delightful crunch. It rests on a bed of fluffy steamed Japanese Koshokari rice and is generously topped with a perfectly cooked, silky egg.

Can't decide and want a bit of everything? Go for the Deluxe Teishoku ($18.90), a grand feast with all the favourite- crispy loin katsu, tenderloin, chicken karaage, ebi fry, and calamari fry, served with a side of crisp shredded cabbage and miso soup.

3 Temasek Boulevard, B1-149A Tower 2, Suntec City

Singapore 038983

Open daily from 10am to 10pm


Tori Sanwa Oyako Don and Chicken Karaage Raffles City

Photograph: Daniel Food Diary

Tori Sanwa, hailing from Nagoya, has set up shop in Singapore. With a history spannong 120 years, Tori Sanwa specializes in all things chicken, offering dishes like oyako don (chicken and egg rice) and an award-winning fried karaage.

Their signature dish, the Aburi Oyako Don, is priced at $14.90++. It features a generous portion of soft, silky egg cooked with dashi and sweet onions, serve over a bed of fluffy Japanese rice, alongside tender charred chicken thigh chunks.

Another top seller is the Chicken Teriyaki Hitsumabushi at $15.90++. Traditionally made with eel, they've substituted it with chicken teriyaki for their specialty version.

For a standout experience, consider the Chicken Karaage Rice Set, priced at $14.90++. Their karaage is renowed for its ideal meat-to-batter ratio, having won the top prize in the Karaage Grand Prix in 2019.

252 North Bridge Road, B1-75 Raffles City Shopping Centre

Singapore 179103

Open daily from 11:30am to 10pm


Milan Shokudo Saizeriya Bishan Junction 8

Photograph: EatBook SG

If you're on a hunt for a quick and budget-friendly lunch, look no further than Milan Shokudo for a delightful blend of Japanese Italian fusion. Every item on their menu is priced from $4.90, and for the Muslim foodies out there, they're in the process of securing their Halal certification!

If you're a Saizeriya regular, you'll find some familiar items on their Doria menu. Keep an eye out for unique Japanese-infused flavours, such as the Scallop Mentai Doria ($14.90) and the Takoyaki Doria ($10.90). They've got a diverse pizza selection too, ranging from Truffle Cream Pizza ($10.90) to Smoked Duck Bismarck Pizza ($6.90), and even Japanese-inspired creations like Corn Mayonnaise Pizza ($6.90) and Takoyaki Pizza ($12.90).

But one of their standout features is their affordable, handmade pasta. Choices abound, from the Japanese Clam Pasta ($5.90) to the rich Truffle Cream Pasta ($10.90) and the enticing Squid Ink Pasta with Scallop ($9.90). They also have iconic staples, like the Demi-Glaced Hamburg or Cream Salmon from $19.90. If you're thirsty, don't skip their incredible deal on free-flow drinks at just $3.90 per person.

9 Bishan Place, #02-34/35 35A, Junction 8

Open daily from 11:30am to 10pm


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