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Thai Cuisine

Workshop Overview

Thai cuisine is notorious for its use of fresh herbs & spices.

In our beginner-friendly workshop, learners will explore the different Thai flavours & cooking techniques to create iconic Thai dishes - from Tom Yum to Basil Chicken.




The Centrepoint

22 hours

Funding Eligibility Period:

Ref. Code:

04.02.22 - 03.02.24



70% Subsidy:


Singaporeans 40 yrs & above

50% Subsidy:


Singaporeans 21  - 39 yrs old / PR

Full Course Fee:


Skillsfuture Credits Eligible

What you will be learning

Learn to make:


Prepare ingredients for Thai poultry & rice dishes


Learn to prepare Thai poultry & rice dishes


Plating & presentation for Thai poultry & rice dishes

Pineapple Fried Rice

Cashew Chicken

Tom Yum Goong

Olive Fried Rice

Thai Pandan Chicken

Basil Minced Chicken

Thai Green Curry

Thai Satay Skewers

Terms & Conditions:

1. Duration of the class might be extended instead of the stipulated time.

2. Cleaning/Washing will be part of the culinary experience 

3. There will be a $30 refundable deposit to book your slots. Deposits will be refunded 10 working days upon completion of the course.

4. Singpass will be required for registration and attendance taking

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