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Job Description

Position Overview:

We are seeking a passionate & experienced culinary trainer & assessor to join our team! The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of culinary arts & a strong desire to train and mentor aspiring chefs & culinary professionals.

Key Responsibilities:

Culinary Training:

  • Develop & deliver culinary training programs that align with industry standards & best practices

  • Conduct hands-on culinary demonstrations and workshops for students, focusing on fundamental cooking techniques, food safety & menu development

  • Provide guidance & mentorship to culinary students to enhance their culinary skills & knowledge

  • Assess students' performance in the kitchen & provide constructive feedback for improvement

  • Ensure that students are well-versed in food safety & hygiene practices

  • Oversee & enforce kitchen cleanliness & adherence to safety protocols

  • Ensure studio organisation and hygiene are always up to company's standards

  • Oversee & maintain kitchen equipment quality & cleanliness

Job Highlights

Located at Centrepoint

Full-Time & Part-Time Positions Available


This role may also require candidates to work on weekends.


  • Proven experience as a chef or culinary instructor

  • Formal culinary education & certification are preferred

  • ACTA or ACLP Certification required

  • Strong knowledge of culinary techniques, food safety & industry best practices

  • Excellent communication & presentation skills

  • Patience & a passion for teaching & mentoring

  • Ability to work in a team & adapt to a dynamic culinary environment

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