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Local Chinese Delights

in collaboration with

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About this workshop:

Up to 70% Course Subsidy


For the love and passion of cooking, Pots & Pans Culinary Studio, in collaboration with Spice N' Pans, presents a comprehensive workshop aimed at enhancing learners' culinary skills. Featuring a diverse menu of delectable Chinese delights, this workshop offers an immersive experience, introducing participants to a variety of dishes and the diverse techniques employed across Chinese cuisines.

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Started in 2016, Spice 'n' Pans entered the YouTube scene by showcasing easy-to-follow cooking tutorials of their favorite Chinese dishes.

Amassing over 1 million subscribers (and counting) on YouTube makes them the biggest cooking channel based in Singapore.

Let's start cooking!

About Spice N' Pans

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Workshop Overview:

In collaboration with Singapore's biggest cooking channel Spice 'n' Pans, immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of local Chinese delights!

Specially curated by Spice 'n' Pans, this course offers a diverse array of Chinese dishes, spanning various regions, providing a comprehensive exploration of Chinese culinary heritage.

Learn To Make:

Fragrant Fried Rice w/shrimp

Kung Pao Chicken

Trio Egg Spinach

Lo Han Jai (Buddha's Delight)

Chicken Lu Rou Fan

Scallion Oil Chicken

Singapore Style Bak Kut Teh

Teochew Steamed Fish

HK Style Chow Mein

Sweet & Sour Chicken

*recipes may be subjected to change

What You'll Learn:


Prepare unique ingredients for local Chinese dishes

Cooking techniques: 

Prepare & cook local Chinese dishes


Present local chinese dishes



10am - 7pm


Local Chinese Delights

Course Duration:

24 hours

Funding Eligibility Period:

08.02.24 - 07.02.26


Full Fees

Course fee funding only applies to Singaporeans & PRs



Baseline Funding: 50%

Remainder of course fees are SkillsFuture Credits & PSEA eligible

Singaporeans below 40



Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy: 70%

Remainder of the course fees are SkillsFuture Credits Eligible

Singaporeans above 40

Pots & Pans Culinary Studio is a brand by BIZIQ Academy which is accredited as a Registered Training Provider by SkillsFuture Singapore

Up to 70% Course Subsidy

SkillsFuture Credits Eligible

Authentic Cuisine Workshops


Register your slot

Refundable Deposit

There will be a $30 refundable deposit to confirm your slot to prevent wastage as we prepare fresh ingredients for individual students on the day.

The deposit will be refunded to you in cash after you've completed the course.

Payment Method:


Account name: Biz IQ Academy 

UEN: 53325019J

Amount: $30

Kindly indicate your full name as per NRIC under the reference.

Please attach a screenshot of the transaction and attached in the file upload below:

Upload File

Terms & Conditions

  1. Learners who do not complete the workshops may be subjected to full course fee repayment.

  2. Learners will only be able to make a transfer of deposit twice (to a new intake/workshop). Transfer of deposit to other intakes/workshops will only be eligible for a period of 2 months (60 days) from the original course start date

  3. BizIQ Academy reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the class in the event that a minimum number of student enrolments is not met.

  4. Participants may be invited for informal interviews for marketing purposes

  5. Cleaning/washing will be part of the culinary experience

  6. Roland from Spice N' Pans will make occasional guest appearances and will not be present for every intake

  7. Singpass will be required for registration and attendance taking

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